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  • Energy smart solutions
  • Solar Power installations
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) services
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) services
  • Energy auditing
  • Solar panel install and maintenance
  • Home and Office Automation Control
  • Instrumentation Services



Automation and Control

Your premises can be state of the art with our professional automation solutions.  We can show you how to how to automate your building or office. We can assist you in setting up automated control of a variety of electrical features. We will listen to your requirements and work with you to provide these applications.

Automated air-conditioning
Automated doors
Automated fans
Automated lighting
Automated motors
Automated security systems
Automated swimming pools
Automated ventilation

We also service and maintain any type of automation control sytem.

Smart Energy Solutions

With electricity prices continually rising throughout north Queensland, why not let us advise you how you can save money with simple processes that will put money in your pocket and not someone else’s.

Whether you are a home owner, property manager, body corporate manager, strata manager, building manager or a private property investor, we can help manage your eco green energy needs. Our professionals can provide and customize a design and installation for all your energy saving alternatives.

Energy Efficiency Audits is just one of the many electrical services we provide.

Solar Power Systems

Why not make those sunny days work for you by installing some of Australia’s most efficient and affordable solar panels. Whether for your home or business, solar panels will save you money on your power bills.

If you’re feeling the pinch from high energy bills, you aren’t alone. People all over far north Queensland are installing our providers’ top rated, money saving solar panels to offset their power consumption. This means lower power bills and less hip-pocket pain. If they can do it, you can too.

Solar panels are a long term investment. Over time, the savings generated by your new solar panel system will mean it will pay for itself. In some cases, you may generate all your power needs through your solar panels, which means you won’t need to pay for your electricity. Imagine every dollar saved is a dollar you’ll never spend on a power bill ever again!

Let us take care of everything for you. We know that purchasing solar panels and inverters is a big decision. From homeowners to business proprietors, we hear no shortage of complicated questions. What will happen during a storm? Which position gets the most sunlight? How do I use it properly?.